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Media World understands that clients demand for a fail-safe and convenient facilities to smooth the progress of daily business activities. Working with global and well-respected business partners, we are managed to provide a full range of Data Centre Services including Web Hosting, Domain Name, Fax to Email and Voice to Email Services.





Web Hosting Services
We provides reliable, flexible and secure hosting solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes, by offering a wide array of services, solid network reliability and responsive 24/7 customer care.
Our cost-effective hosting caters to businesses that are just establishing a Web presence to those that require the deployment and maintenance of fully integrated e-business solutions. We manage your hosting, so that you can manage your business.




Domain Name Services
From registering your domain name to helping you to manage and maintain your online presence, Media World offers a variety of services tailored to your needs as a domain registration customer and as a webmaster. We monitor domain name service availability, configuration issues, and DNS zone transfer issues.




Fax to Email Services
You can send or receive your business documents via your email boxes, which will be converted from faxes into electronic format by our server. Not only it is economic and environmentally friendly, but it also automatically makes an electronic copy for easy filing and backup of important document.


Voice to Email Services
You only need to dial a designated recipient's number with a touch-tone phone. You can also send or receive voice messages via your email boxes, which will be converted from voice into electronic format by our server.