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High Availability and Disaster Recovery Business Solution

Media World has successfully implemented IT projects on High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions that stand up to the requirements of always-on, 24/7 operation. From storage-area network(SAN)-level replication to asynchronous multi-site disaster recovery solutions, Media World can work with clients to advise on and provides the most reliable, cost-effective, and simple disaster protection to suit their specialised business requirements.


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Fault Tolerance Solution

If your server is truly business-critical and can tolerate absolutely no downtime, that is Fault Tolerance solution. When Fault tolerance solution works at the level of the server, everything which runs on your server is automatically protected against downtime.

Fault tolerant computing is the ability to provide the world's most demanding workloads with 99.999 percent (five nines) system uptime or better, zero failover time, and no data loss.


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Data Synchronization/ Migration Solution

Data synchronization consists of the ability to periodically take information that is stored in the client database (such as SQL Server Compact) and synchronize changes with a server database (such as SQL Server). The advantage of a synchronization-based solution is that users are no longer required to have a constant network connection to access their information. Since their data is stored locally they are given constant access to their data while offloading processing requirements from the central database. Furthermore, the user is no longer limited by the network speed and can now access the data at the speed of the device.


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Server virtualization is a hot trend in the IT world because of the many business and technical benefits it can provide over the near and long term. Server virtualization can be used to eliminate server sprawl to make more efficient use of server resources, to improve server availability, to assist in disaster recovery, testing and development, and to centralize server administration.


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Nowadays, Internet is indispensable to our daily life. Hence, marketers begin to promote brands, or product and service on the Internet as well, so as to follow up the market trend. We help to grow and expand your business by providing: Website DevelopmentProgram Development, Mobile Application, Payment Solution and E-Marketing Services


Backup Solution

Need to back up your customers' virtual machines, databases and email servers online or on-premises? There is the client-side backup application that you need! It allows backing up data to local and offsite destinations, e.g. local hard disk, on-premises backup appliance, and managed online backup server located in datacenter. With such flexibility, you are able to offer on-premises, online, or hybrid backup solutions for your customers based on their own requirements.


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Meeting/ Conferencing

A conference room or classroom is usually equipped with a HD touchscreen LCD for multimedia presentation. For medium to large size room, iTach Tablet TV is perfect for group video conferences, training, seminars and exhibitions. Its natural touch capabilities to simplify and optimize for all presentation, annotation and collaboration application during the meeting.